On Reflection…

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Adstories
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A certain early boss of mine was very much the image-conscious type. She appeared to spend most of her salary on a parade of new fashions and expensive salon treatments. She enjoyed the comments on her appearance – though not necessarily when they came from me.

We were standing in the foyer of a client’s office tower one afternoon waiting for the elevator. The dated foyer was vividly lit with bare flourescent tubes and the main wall was one great big, highly reflective mirror. At this time of day, the bleak winter sun was low in the sky and blasted straight in through the west-facing glass doors. It combined with the flourescent lighting to create an extremely harsh, unflattering lighting environment.

mirror-on-the-wall snow white

We stood there waiting in the small foyer, confronted with our full length reflections.

“Oh my god, I look like absolute shit!” said my boss.

“Don’t worry, I look like absolute shit, too” I replied.

I got the vibe this was the wrong reply. Very, very wrong.

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