The Bold and the Beautiful – and my bike

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Adstories
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A few years ago we brought Ronn Moss, star of the long running US soap The Bold and the Beautiful, out to Australia to appear in a TV commercial for a tooth whitening product. The idea in the commercial was that you could have “Hollywood” teeth, just like Ronn’s, simply by applying the product for 30 minutes a day – the duration of an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Anyhow, Ronn had some downtime between filming and expressed a desire to explore the cycle tracks that surround Melbourne and follow the Yarra River through the city. Eager to please our Hollywood star, I organised my brand new mountain bike to be delivered to Ronn’s hotel, along with the mandatory bike helmet. The bike got a fair bit of use – Ronn said he loved it and was enjoying exploring the city’s bike tracks.

In some strange way, I was also enjoying lending my bike to Ronn. Admittedly, not being a viewer of The Bold and the Beautiful, I’d never heard of him a month or so earlier. But, I’d come to learn that millions of women around the world swoon over Ronn Moss. It couldn’t hurt having a mate like that. And I figured, by lending my bike, Ronn and I had become mates. Sort of.

After three days, all filming was done and Ronn jetted back to LA.

A few days later I stopped by the hotel to pick up my bike only to be told, it was gone!

I couldn’t believe it. What had happened to my brand new bike? Did Ronn really pack it up and take it home on the plane? Did he assume, in some soap-opera superstar way, that it was a gift?

I still don’t know what happened to that bike, Ronn hasn’t been in touch. So much for “mates”. But if you ever see a black mountain bike appear in an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, let me know.

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