If that’s the dashboard…

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Adstories
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The CEO of one of my client companies hated sitting through long presentations so had instructed his department heads to summarise their monthly reports in a single PowerPoint slide, which he called a “dashboard”.

The dashboard was meant to contain just a few top-line numbers and charts that would show, at a glance, the status of the department and highlight any areas of concern.

Unfortunately my client, the head of marketing, was incapable of any form of brevity. In the lead up to the first “dashboard” presentation, his dashboard became increasingly complicated as he added more and more numbers and charts, followed by qualifying information – and even a few qualifications to the qualifications. Ultimately it seemed he was attempting to cram his usual 100 slide presentation into a single slide!

I usually sat in on the monthly meeting so was there as the CEO strode in and gave the signal for the presentation to commence. The projector was flicked on and up came the dashboard on screen.

For some time there was silence. Finally my client asked the CEO if he had any comments?

“Just one comment,” replied the CEO. “If that’s the dashboard we’re going to crash the fuckin’ car”.

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