Hernando: Bachelor of the Year

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Adstories

My client, Hernando, was on the phone explaining that he’d received an invitation to a party being thrown by Cleo Magazine. The party was to announce the 50 nominees for Cleo’s annual “Bachelor of the Year” award.

As we were currently running a major magazine campaign for Hernando’s low-fat cheese slices, including heavy scheduling in Cleo, it was no surprise he’d received an invitation to the party. I’d received an invitation, too.

But there was concern in Hernando’s voice. He seemed to be asking my advice as to whether he should go to the party. I couldn’t quite figure out where Hernando was coming from with the question. Why did he need my advice on such a trivial matter as accepting a party invitation or not? It was especially odd as, since his hair transplant, Hernando had been devouring every media party and event invitation that came his way.

Puzzled, I asked Hernando to tell me straight out why he was concerned about attending this particular party?

“Well, because I’m married”, Hernando replied in a slightly exasperated tone of voice.

Uh oh. How was I going to explain to my over-weight, middle-aged client with the disastrous hair transplant that the girls down at Cleo didn’t, in fact, consider him one of the 50 most eligible men in Australia.

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